Thursday, November 24, 2011

Math department works to improve test scores

Standardized tests are taken all over the United States America. Federal and state governments, as well as school districts use them in order to estimate students and see what sections of the curriculum need development. Illinois calculates a state average, and for eight years now, Mattoon High School has been below state standard in the math portion of those tests.

"Our students don’t comprehend the entire math taught throughout the curriculum. Every subject on the ACT is covered in algebra II and geometry," said MHS calculus teacher Ryan Ghere.

The MHS mathematics division is adding to their curriculum this year in order to improve those math test scores.

Ghere said, "We are doing cumulative tests, more Calculus calculator work, having weekly meetings to discuss, and allowing students to re take tests and quizzes.
"I have learned most of the things in high school and feel like I will be ready for college", said Blanchette

She said,"I have a complicated time understanding certain math equations".

The Math department is also looking at adding new module. Next year, a new APCalculus help class and a dual credit trigonometry class may be accessible to MHS juniors.

In order to take AP calculus, juniors have to moreover score high enough on their ACT or take a placement test, and to take dual credit trigonometry calculator you have to be successful in Algebra 2 online


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