Thursday, January 20, 2011

Anti-fluoride campaigners to take high Court

Campaigners have mounted a High Court offer to prevent fluoride being added to their water without their permission because they are concerned over its health consequences.

They say they will have "no choice" but to drink fluoridated water if South Central Strategic Health Authority (SCSHA) is allowed to include it.

The potential side-effects, they quarrel, range from bone cancer to thyroid problems and dental fluorosis, brown spots on the teeth.

SCSHA wants to add the chemical to supplies in Southampton and parts of the south west Hampshire, arguing it is the finest way to cut tooth decay, particularly in poorer children.

Public health experts fiercely dispute that fluoridation causes any health problem other than dental fluorosis in a little number of people.

About 5.5 million people in Britain, just a smaller amount than a tenth of the population, drink fluoridated tap water, including most of Birmingham. However, no region has had fluoride added to its supply in the last 20 years.


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